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Aqua Education  provide a range of courses to meet the individual needs of professional swim teachers who are invested in the continued professional development. 

Our courses have been developed exclusively by Julie and Zara.

Experienced International Aquatic Tutors, Therapists and Swim school business owners. 


Courses range from free bitesize sessions to more in-depth comprehensive learning opportunities

Aqua Education
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Courses and Training


Courses and Training

Aqua Education cover a plethora of Aquatic Training needs, including:

  • STA Level 2 Baby and Pre-school

  • STA Level 3 Infant Aquatics Diploma

  • STA L2 People with Disabilities

  • STA Award and Certificate Teaching

  • STA Safety Award for Teachers

  • RMTi School Readiness (Aquatic)

  • STA Endorsed aquatic CPD's

  • Online self directed training

  • Face-to-face / remote learning

  • Webinars

Bespoke Training Designed Just for You

As well as STA endorsed training modules and online courses, Aqua Education can offer your swim school a unique opportunity to have training courses designed specifically for your team and client needs.

  • 1:1 consultation 

  • Specialised Layers of learning and tracked progression

  • In-person delivery + onsite support

  • Endorsed learning for personal development and swim school promotion

Would you like to know more?

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