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Aqua Education
Aqua Education provide a range of products and resources.
These are designed specifically to compliment our course materials and expand your 
'Aqua Education Teachers Toolbox'
Also we have stand alone products that range from resource sheets, lesson plans, and song bundles.

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Products and Downloads
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Free Downloads 

Two free resources to help with the challenges you may see when a child struggles with.

Teachers Toolbox Includes:

Leaning back into supine / back floating

Putting their face in or close to water

Practical advice and activities that can be instantly added into your swim class.

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Lesson Plans

5 Theme Lesson Plan Bundle

5 Themes

31 Individual Activities


  • Base Level Activity

  • Layers of Progression

  • How: Teaching Point / Explanations

  • Why: What are they good for / how do they help


Poolside 'quick reference' Plans

20 Accompanying Songs

Child Development Charts

1 Hour Webinar

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